Craft community

Between holidays and a winner

August has been a really busy month so far. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Creative Crafting blog tour this August. So many different crafts and reasons for crafting, take a look and read all about it for yourself if you have a chance.

I’ve also been taking part in #drawingaugust on Twitter (although a little late starting). It’s where you can share a drawing a day on Twitter…much more of a commitment than it sounds…but people are very creative with this kind of task and the range of work has been inspiring and impressive. It’s good to push creative boundaries and try different styles and seeing what others have done can trigger new ideas. It’s pretty scary putting up pictures that you’re experimenting with, but experimenting leads to new creations and it needs to be done. You can’t change and develop otherwise.

I’ve been away at a festival for a few days. A much needed chance to relax and play. I really want to he able to paint a picture that captures the festival spirit…a challenge that might take a while. I’ve had a tiny first go with some watercolor crayons for #drawingaugust…I got a comment describing it as ‘primitive but awesome’ which I’ll take as a good start as festival energy is pretty primitive really.

I’m off on holiday again in a couple of days and hopefully will find some more things to inspire me to paint new things 🙂

And a winner…

It’s time to announce the winner of my giveaway from the last blog…drum roll…its ‘The Old Button’! I’ll be in touch shortly!