Back to nature

One of the very best things about getting (or making) more time at home is the chance to get back to basics and do more things properly.

Now I really love food and I really love cooking so growing fruit and veg has been something I’ve been trying to for the past few years. With varied results depending on weather and time, unfortunately!

Two years ago we decided that the boys were too big to kick a ball around in our small suburban semi garden without permanently alienating the neighbours so we (well my husband) dug a quarter of it over to use as a vegetable patch.

This year, finally, it’s come together. A combination of reduced work hours, doing more of what I love and (most crucially) rain and sun.  We don’t have enough to feed us all by any means but I can now go out every day and pick something for my lunch or dinner.


Today, lettuce, potatoes, peas and beetroot. We have spinach in the freezer, along with summer veg quiches full of peas and courgettes. Home grown cucumbers are a revelation, with actual flavour!

Now I’m looking forward to pickles and chutneys to save for an autumn and winter feast.

It’s definitely worth the effort, so if you don’t grow your own already, give it a go!