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Craft swop

Back in the summer I took part in a ‘craft swop’ through the Creative Connections blog tour and a post by Sharon at the Old Button.

This is Sharon’s blog about the swop:

The Old Button Swop Number 1 – Pastelesta and Strombolitwo

I was delighted with my ‘pastel carrier’ case from Strombolitwo, so thoughtful and beautifully made.


Sharon asked us to provide a few words about ourselves for inspiration – and along with it being a winter theme this gave me lots of food for thought to get my creative ideas flowing.

Helen from Strombolitwo said:

“Love textures, natural & found; cats and wild critters, Islamic patterns, Istanbul and Italy, by the sea”

My first thought was something to do with cats, as I draw animals all the time, but art is quite a personal thing so I decided against this.

Then I looked online at Islamic patterns and had a play at combining a patterned window design with a cat silhouette – but I am not very neat and patterns need to be very precise (though was fun looking at all the pictures).

I decided that knitting was the way forward, and thought I would do something inspired by the sea.

I’ve always wanted to design my own pattern so was quite excited to find knitting graph paper online at and set about charting a ‘wave’ pattern.


I choose two sea-like colours and started to knit the pattern into fingerless gloves.

Unfortunately, I had not tried and tested

the glove pattern and ran into trouble at the fingers where it seemed to stop making sense. The back of the knitting was also feeling a bit tight for gloves so I found a pattern that used textures as ‘waves’ and used a dark wintry sea green.


I’m pleased with how they turned out, but I will try the pattern chart again before too long.


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