Experiments in printing

I’m so glad I got onto Twitter.

There’s so many communities and ideas and so much inspiration to try new things.
I enjoyed #drawingaugust but didn’t teally have time for #paintseptember so resolved to try #printoctober even though I am a complete novice.

I was given some lino, a roller and a cutter many years ago. As is my way I dived straight into the cutting without any preparation and realised that I had cut the part that should be black rather than the part that needed to be white. Short on time, I told myself I was rubbish at printing anyway and put the tools in a drawer.

Time for another go  and so as not to make the same mistake I drew directly onto the lino in white and cut away.

My first attempt was okay, a badger surrounded by a few fern fronds. It was a nervous attempt and I didn’t cut away very much of the lino but was keen to see if I could at least get the basic idea.
I drew on the lino with white chalk, a bad move as the drawing rubbed away as I cut and the resulting cut was not a good drawing.

My first print attempt was worse, I squirted the ink directly onto the roller resulting in a blotchy blobby mess and the grooves of my cut full of ink. I tried a few more times and got a couple of okay prints. I was relieved to have a result anyway!

The second time I tried I was keen to get a better basic drawing and a better print. I drew a bird very carefully and transferred it to lino using carbon paper. Then I coloured in the bits to cut away with a white coloured pencil ( I still don’t trust myself).

Drawing on lino

Drawing on lino

This worked much better.

There was a lot more lino to cut away this time and I managed to cut myself a few times as well as grazing my knuckles on the rough cut lino surface.

Lino cutting

Lino cutting

I read a few tutorials about printing with a roller and didn’t rush the print quite so much. Consequently I got a better result this time.

Bird lino print

Bird lino print

Not perfect, but better, and fun to do.


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