A knitter’s tale


I’ve been spending some time this week reading the fabulous blogs on the blog tour from people who sew, and spin and recycle and stitch.

It’s made me think about of all the amazing things you can create for yourself instead of buy, and it’s also made me remember my own adventures in crafting, and how it began.

Fast forward a few years from childhood doodles and sewings, makes and bakes and I found myself  as a very very young and very very poor mother and wife. Make do and mend was not a lifestyle choice for us at that time (21 years ago!) it was our only option.

I discovered that a ball of wool cost a few pence, whereas a baby outfit was a few pounds and I didn’t like all the labelling and branding going on with most of the clothes on the High street so I decided to make my own. With a pattern, needles, wool, no experience and determination.

I can’t remember how long it took me to knit that first little cardi, but I do remember that the one thing I could NOT conquer was the buttonholes. I dressed J in the hospital for the first time in the little red number, and poked the buttons through the gaps between the stitches to do it up…

I also spent that time doing the only crochet I have ever done, a granny square papoose (not practical, but Ok as a blanket) and a little rasta-style hat. I crocheted this without a pattern, my mathematical brain was better in those days, but I had no concept before j arrived of the size of a baby’s head and so the only pic I have was staged for the minutes he could bear to wear the very tight headband.


Since then I have had mad knitting frenzies and periods where I haven’t touched a needle (I’m an all or nothing kind of girl)

One Christmas everyone got a pair of socks knitted on five needles. My sister got a scarf that went round her neck about 12 times. I knitted a bag from recycled sari silk that was stretchier than I anticipated and reached practically down to the floor the first day I took it out.



I’ve had some successes as well, a peplum-hemmed moss-green cabled jumper that has looked very cute on several little girls I know. And the socks are a great hit with my dad.

I love knitting. The feeling of making your own garment is so rewarding.

It will never make my fortune because I’m just too slow, but sometime craft is about more than earning money.


6 thoughts on “A knitter’s tale

  1. I have to agree with you there. It’s always been my way of relaxing and relieving stress. I have to do something every day, even if it’s only a few minutes.

  2. I used to love sewing and made clothes for all 3 of my children, 2 boys and 1 girl. I made dungarees and pyjamas for the boys and dresses etc for my daughter as well as all their knitwear. Now I just knit for the joy of it. Well done on making socks, I never quite managed to get the hang of double ended needles.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, it’s always nice to read what others think. Sue x

    • kristinr says:

      Thanks for visiting too Sue! I wish I could have sewn for my children but am terrible with a sewing machine. I did hand sew various fancy dress costumes. I will get sewing though, I like a challenge 🙂

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