Starting up

A cautionary tale

I’m a bit disappointed today. Making and creating is so positive and the community so supportive, however beware.

I recently succumbed to some phone sales pitch to put an advert in a magazine for my cards and pictures. That was fine, I chose to do it, the advert looked nice and I had a few hits on my website from the area it was published.

I later had a warning note from them about bogus callers calling their customers and claiming they have bought advertising from them.
And so, today, a string of calls from very convincing sales reps telling me “its only ¬£100 to get free adverts for the rest of the year”, “you’ve definitely signed an order” with us, “you must be confused”…and so on.
These people prey on the vulnerable. I called them out and had the phone put down on me.

Please be very very cautious about buying advertising over the phone.

Another lesson learned!


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