Summer days

Have you been enjoying the sunshine? I have, and still managed to get a bit of work in!
Here’s the golden retriever portrait I have been working on today:


Bit of a mixed couple of weeks really, as I’ve been a bit too busy socialising and enjoying the glorious weather to get a lot of drawing done. That’s the hard thing about trying to build up your work in your spare time.
Also, the craft fair I was getting excited about for next weekend has been cancelled. I’m wondering if it’s just a very difficult time to try to sell things, will have to see what Christmas brings.

On the plus side, I thoroughly enjoyed  taking part in ‘craftfest’ last week with, an online craft fair run by crafters. We all spent a lot of time and effort promoting each other’s stalls alongside our own which was very satisfying and made me realise how art works as a collective.

I’m going to keep on drawing, but I think I’ll try to use a bit of time for experimenting with some other media and subjects. Watch this space!


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