Craft community, Starting up

Craft community rocks!

On Friday I was surprised to find myself the ‘victim’ of a sneak attack on Etsy. I had no idea what was going on.

I became suspicious when I started to get a number of my items listed in treasuries within a few hours of each other.
Although I’ve been on etsy for a bit over 6 months and do get likes and favourites, they certainly don’t all come at once, and I had no sales.
The comments on the treasury talked about a sneak attack from members of a group at
A quick google revealed that sneak attack is when a curator from the group picks several new shops with few or no sales. They give clues about the shops’ products to other members of the group who make a treasury list based on the products from the shops they think have been chosen.
They can win a prize for guessing the correct shop.
Once the winner is announced the members of the group ‘attack’ the victim shop with favourites and sales.

I was bowled over to receive a complete wave of alerts on etsy, and excitingly, the cha-ching of the cash register on my etsy app announced my first sales. Here are some of the cards that I sold:

Purple Doc Martens card Eat cake and good luck cards Love card

The craft community is the most supportive environment I have ever worked in…I guess everybody knows the feeling of creating items with love and waiting for them to be bought…but it truly makes a difference.

I have now joined the group and am looking forward to returning the favour very soon!


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